A First Look at the LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure Series 2 Box Art and Blind Bag!

LEGO has just released its first LEGO Store Calendar for 2018, and in case you missed it, the second page of the colorful flyer now gives us our first ‘official’ image of the LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure Series 2. In this snapshot beginning from the top row (left to right), we can see the characters of Vacation Alfred, Black Vulcan, Jor-El, Clock King, and Soccer Mom Batgirl. On the bottom row, we have Vacation Joker, Friends Are Family Harley Quinn, Swimming Pool Batman, and Vacation Robin.

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We already saw the full set of characters that are to be included in TLBM CMF Series 2 when its flyer/checklist was released online. It was a relief to know that this particular series highlights a pretty nice balance between rogues and super heroes (particularly those from the Justice League as we see them in the LEGO Batman Movie), and less on the many variants of the Dark Knight himself. You may check the list right here if you wish to know who are included in TLBM’s CMF Series 2.

This time around, and as we count the days before New Year and the eventual release of this latest collectible minifigures, we have folks over at social media and LEGO fan forums who seems to have an early start in completing their TLBM minifigures. We don’t have images of the actual minifigures themselves, but we now have a first look at how they will come in their respective boxes and blindbags. Take a look.

TLBM minifigs series 2b TLBM minifigs series 2

The color scheme for the boxes and blind bags is a clear departure from the bright yellow colors that we see from the previous blind bags in particular, and the box art of the TLBM theme in general. Moreover, the color seems to be in stark contrast to the lively, bubbly colors of the first series. Frankly speaking, the choice of blue on black colors for these blind bags seems to have more of a LEGO CMF Series 14 Monsters kind of vibe. But of course, this is just the packaging and what is even more important is how you will feel your way through each blind bag.

We don’t have confirmation yet on how TLBM CMF Series 2 is distributed per box, but seeing that Series 2 has 20 minifigs included in its roster, then it will not be a long shot to consider that each box may contain three complete sets similar to the first series. We’ll keep you posted as more news comes in.


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  1. What a terrible waste of a CMF line. There isn’t a single minifigure I want to get. Give us more Disney.

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