LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigures Series 2 (71020) Official Display and Blind Bag Images.

We already saw the entire range of 20 minifigures included in The LEGO Batman Movie CMF Series 2 (71020) a couple of days ago, and this time, we now have a closer look at its box art and display, including the official image of its blind bag. It looks like we still have the same number sets available similar to the first series. Having the entire box up front will guarantee 3 complete sets of all 20 minifigures, so you still have 2 sets to spare and to share.

the lego batman movie 2 display 71020 2018

I have to say that seeing the official blind bag image somehow gives me a change of heart. I previously deplored the design and color scheme of TLBM’s Series 2 blind bag based on some that were spotted in the wild – but looking at the official image below, it seems that the packaging is not really that bad after all.

71020 0

Though it is in stark contrast with the predominantly yellow color scheme seen from the 1st Series’ blind bag design, Series 2 still has that fun and playful feel. Here’s the rest of the TLBM minifigure  characters  included in this current series in case you missed them.

1) Friends are Family Harley Quinn; 2) Friends are Family Alfred; 3) Clock King; 4) Professor Hugo Strange; 5) Mermaid Batman; 6) Swimming Pool Batman; 7) Tropical Joker; 8) Vacation Robin; 9) Vacation Batgirl; 10) Vacation Alfred; 11) Soccer Mom Batgirl; 12) Killer Moth; 13) Wonder Twin (Jayna); 14) Wonder Twin (Zan); 15) Apache Chief; 16) Jor-El; 17) General Zod; 18) Doctor Phosphorus; 19) Black Canary; 20) Black Vulcan.

01 Friends are Family Harley Quinn 02 Friends are Family Alfred 03 Clock King 04 Professor Hugo Strange 05 Mermaid Batman 06 Swimming Pool Batman 07 Tropical Joker 08 Vacation Robin 09 Vacation Batgirl 10 Vacation Alfred 11 Soccer Mom Batgirl 12 Killer Moth 13 Wonder Twin Jayna 14 Wonder Twin Zan 15 Apache Chief 16 Jor El 17 General Zod 18 Doctor Phosphorus 19 Black Canary 20 Black Vulcan


Thanks to Zusammengebaut for the tip.

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