LEGO to Offer the Iconic LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina (75205) All Over Again in 2018.

We can thank the first Star Wars film for introducing us to the spaceport of Mos Eisley on the planet of Tatooine. That location – and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s description of it – would respectively define and name the narrative trope known as the “wretched hive” (of scum and villainy).

And yes, Mos Eisley is such a memorable place in the greater Star Wars story (for all that it was only relevant one time in one film of the entire saga), that it has been replicated by merchandise and toys over the years. LEGO has also done its share in immortalizing Mos Eisley.

Word is that in 2018, LEGO will be rolling out a new play set depicting yet another take on Mos Eisley and its most memorable setting of the Cantina, the set being numbered 75205 as later on confirmed by Brickset. The last first LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley set that came out was back in 2003 with set 4501, a year after the release of Episode II – Attack of the Clones. It was later followed by 2014’s iteration of the Cantina with set 75052, with 615 pieces to boot. Here’s a shot of these previous sets:

4501 0000 XX 23 1 1

75052 alt1

Details on the differences among these versions of the LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina sets are few, but one alteration given is that the 2018 set will swap out Luke Skywalker’s familiar landspeeder with the mushroom-shaped Ubrikkian 9000, a background vehicle from the original film. If the name sounds alien (which it is), then take a look at this screen grab from The New Hope. 

mos eilsey cantina starwars

The LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley (75205) will retain three minifigures from its previous sets: A Stormtrooper, Han Solo, and Greedo the bounty hunter (whom Han originally shot first and not in self-defense). The fourth and new minifigure will be the Cantina’s barkeep Wuher.

It’ll be great looking forward to playing out that scene with “crispa” Greedo all over again when the new LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley (75205) set comes out next year. Thanks to Rebelscum and Hothbricks for the tip.

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  1. If someone has a gun pointed at you and you shoot them, that is self defence. You won’t get a chance at self defence if you let them shoot first

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