The LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure Series 2 Now Officially Revealed!

This piece of news may have been floating around lately, especially considering that a leaked image of its checklist has surfaced as early as the first week of November. Nevertheless, nothing beats the crisp, clear images that LEGO has shared over social media regarding its highly anticipated LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure Series 2.

In case you missed it, check out these official images and the names of each of these characters. It is also interesting to note that like other CMFs or collectible minifigures, most of these sets also include a variety of new pieces, unique and sometimes odd looking dual-sided face printings, and a well-balanced number of Justice League heroes and Rogues from Gotham.

I am personally excited to have my try with the Swimming Pool Batman and Tropical Joker minifigs; and if you’re excited for these TLBM collectibles as much as we do, then better start practicing how to feel them inside their challenging blind bags once January 1 comes in. For the meantime check out these images courtesy of LEGO’s official Facebook account.

Friends are Family Harley Quinn

01 Friends are Family Harley Quinn


Friends are Family Alfred

02 Friends are Family Alfred

Clock King

03 Clock King


Professor Hugo Strange

04 Professor Hugo Strange


Mermaid Batman

05 Mermaid Batman

Swimming Pool Batman

06 Swimming Pool Batman

Tropical Joker

07 Tropical Joker

Vacation Robin

08 Vacation Robin

 Vacation Batgirl

09 Vacation Batgirl


Vacation Alfred

10 Vacation Alfred

Soccer Mom Batgirl

11 Soccer Mom Batgirl


Killer Moth

12 Killer Moth


Wonder Twin (Jayna)

13 Wonder Twin Jayna

Wonder Twin (Zan)

14 Wonder Twin Zan


Apache Chief

15 Apache Chief


16 Jor El


General Zod

17 General Zod


Doctor Phosphorus

18 Doctor Phosphorus

Black Canary

19 Black Canary


Black Vulcan

20 Black Vulcan

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