More Details on the Rumored 2018 LEGO Harry Potter Collectible Minifigure Series.

The rumor mill is running again, and this time with more intel on this year’s LEGO Harry Potter sets. A couple of weeks ago, we reported that five LEGO Harry Potter sets (3 for HP and 2 for Fantastic Beasts, to be more accurate) will be released as part of its summer wave of offerings this August. On top of that, it was also said that these sets will be accompanied by an official LEGO Harry Potter Collectible Minifigure series, which will also be released during the same time period. Thanks to word from some reliable sources over at Eurobricks, we now have a tentative list of possible Harry Potter characters that made their way as part of LEGO’s next CMF series. Here’s what we know so far.

  • Harry Potter – accessories include the Sorting Hat and a cape which could probably be the Cloak of Invisibility.
  • Ron Weasley – accessories include a cape and that Chocolate Frog from the Hogwarts Express scene.
  • Hermione Granger – accessories include cape, magic wand, and book with printing (perhaps her spell book).
  • James Potter – accessories include a Golden Snitch, Broom, and Quidditch ceremonial robes.
  • Lily Potter – accessories include a baby minifigure with a noticeable scar on the forehead, which clearly gives it away as Baby Harry.
  • Fred Weasley – this is what I’m looking forward to, having the Weasley Twins in their CMF form. Fred is said to have a Marauders Map, and some fireworks accessories.
  • George Weasley – no information yet about George’s accessories.
  • Vernon Dursley – all members of the despicable, Dursley family will also be included in the HP CMF. Vernon’s accessories include a rifle or shotgun of some sorts.
  • Petunia Dursley – accessories include a letter, which could probably mean Harry’s Hogwarts Acceptance Letter.
  • Dudley Dursley – this minifig version of the youngest Dursley is said to be wearing pajamas with a printed pig’s tail; it also comes with a cake accessory.
  • Rolanda Hooch – the Quidditch flying instructor also gets her spot as a CMF, coming in with broom and whistle accessories (though I’m not quite sure of the latter). Ms. Hooch also comes with a double-sided minifig head highlighting two distinct expressions.
  • The Bloody Baron – the first of the ghost quartet that haunt each four houses of Hogwarts, we don’t have any information yet and what accessories they will carry on with them. Perhaps it may include a knife accessory, though I feel this will be a little far off considering the back story of the Bloody Baron and the purpose in which he used his knife for.
  • Nearly Headless Nick (Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington) – this one is a bit hard to imagine, especially when you consider how LEGO will create Nearly Headless Nick in minifigure form while retaining his primary feature, which as his name suggests, is being nearly headless.
  • The Grey Lady (Helena Ravenclaw) – perhaps a diadem accessory will be in order.
  • The Fat Friar – accessories might include a silver or tin mug which he is seen carrying around along the halls of the Hufflepuff house.
  • Myrtle Warren (Moaning Myrtle) – a ghost character translated in minifigure form, accessories include Tom Riddle’s Diary.
  • Sirius Black – Harry’s godfather also made it in the CMF list, coming in with a dog accessory which could be Snuffles, his Animagus form.

There are still 3 unnamed minifigs in this rumored Harry Potter CMF series, so we are still keeping an eye for any signs of them. I’m still hoping for Dobby to make it in the list and possibly a re-release of Severus Snape. I guess we just have to wait and see.

Thanks to The Brick Fan for the heads up.

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6 thoughts on “More Details on the Rumored 2018 LEGO Harry Potter Collectible Minifigure Series.”

  1. Why a baby Harry with scar as accessorie for the Lily figure. She was already dead when Harry got the scar, she never knew him, while living, with the scar

    1. Good point there Paul. I guess we just have to wait and see once the official images are out.

  2. Hoping one of those last 3 is Luna. On a side note, I work in a Belgian toystore and these minifigures have been added to our pre order system (along with the party series that’s up next) so no doubt they’re coming.

    1. Any chance you can give more information to us? On either set? We would all be greatly appreciative of such information!

  3. Hoping for Luna and bellatrix also nearly headless nick is in the great hall also want cho and dean and sea us and tonks and lupin

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