“The LEGO Movie: The Second Part” Exclusive Minifigure at SDCC 2018

Early this June, we finally got our first good look at the highly anticipated (for four years) direct sequel to 2014’s The LEGO Movie. Subtitled The Second Part, it looks to reunite the ensemble cast from the original, minifigure characters who are also master builders all, for another zany adventure. Following that initial burst of trailer plus promotion, things have quieted down a bit (after all, The LEGO Movie: The Second Part is premiering on February next year). But now those who would like a little memento for that upcoming sequel might want to make plans for the 2018 SDCC.

This year, three special SDCC LEGO minifigures are up for grabs. First two are a Marvel and DC character (that’s a tradition, it being a comic con and all), and the third is a minifigure character from The LEGO Movie: The Second Part. They haven’t revealed who it is, though.

It’s easy to see why LEGO exclusive minifigures for the SDCC are highly valued. Rather than polybags, they’re packaged like action figures (blister pack with backing card). The limited numbers (single-digit thousands on average) also lends to the rareness factor.

Prospective recipients need to physically attend the Comic Con, register online for a giveaway timeslot, then join the physical lottery draw at the event itself. The SDCC runs for four days, so expect those exclusive minifigure giveaways to be spaced out through the entire schedule. Good luck to you if you’re at the 2018 SDCC from July 19 to 22.

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