Here’s What’s Up for Grabs at the LEGO Booth In SDCC 2018

It’s no secret that LEGO always had a strong presence during the yearly San Diego Comic-Con, and for this year, it looks like Comic-Con attendees have another wave of exclusive LEGO merchandise to watch out for. The SDCC 2018 Exclusives Portal is now live and we can now have a glimpse of what cool, exclusive merchandise will be up for grabs at the LEGO Booth.

lego sdcc exclusive

As we can see from the screenshot image above courtesy of The Brick Fan, LEGO will have the following collectibles on sale at SDCC 2018 during the following time slots.

July 20, 2018 (10AM-12PM PDT) – LEGO DC Exclusive Minifigure (4 pieces)

July 21, 2018 (10AM-12PM PDT) – LEGO Exclusive Marvel Minifigure (5 pieces)

July 21, 2018 (1:30PM-3:30 PM PDT) – LEGO Marvel Exclusive Set (218 pieces)

July 22, 2018 (10AM-12PM PDT) – LEGO Movie 2 Minifigure Exclusive

LEGO SDCC exclusive minifigures are standard fare during this yearly convention, but what interest me the most is the exclusive 218-piece LEGO Marvel SDCC set, and the still to be revealed LEGO Movie 2 minifigure. I’m also thinking on how LEGO will manage to sell the limited quantities of the uber cool LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) set which I’m pretty sure will be sold out in a very, very short time. Stay tuned for more updates on these LEGO SDCC 2018 exclusive. These are exciting times indeed.


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