Watch Out For This 5,000-Piece, Brick-Built Model Of The Williams-Brice Stadium At Columbia’s BrickVerse LEGO Convention

There seems to be a rising trends of sorts with certain LEGO builders, in having their MOCs be detail-perfect renditions of stadiums and sports venues. Last month we featured one such make, of Miller Park Stadium in Milwaukee, complete with roof mechanism. This new stadium replica has no fancy mechanics, but is just as impressive. Next month Columbia, South Carolina will be host to the BrickVerse LEGO Convention, to be held at the Columbian Metropolitan Convention Center. As is usual for such events, the MOC displays will include recreations of notable buildings and structures, like this MOC of Williams-Brice Stadium.

Considered the 20th largest college football stadium in the NCAA, Williams-Brice Stadium is home to the South Carolina Gamecocks which play for the University of South Carolina (USC). It’s in honor of his alma mater that USC graduate David Robinson, with his son helping, assembled this scale model of the stadium using over 5,000 bricks.

Williams-Brice Stadium

Greyson Beights, founder and organizer of the BrickVerse LEGO Convention, was very much impressed with Robinson’s work saying, “When David’s stadium was brought to my attention, I just knew we had to have it at the event. It is an honor to be able to have the Lego William-Brice Stadium and its builder at BrickUniverse.” The con will be the first time the Williams-Brice Stadium MOC will be publicly displayed.

BrickVerse will take place at Columbia’s CMCC from August 11 to 12 and, like all LEGO conventions, will feature free building zones alongside the MOC displays, plus appearances and demonstrations from professional builders. LEGO fans around Columbia, SC can buy their tickets for BrickVerse here.

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