Don’t Mess Around With This Large-Scale, LEGO Ultrakatty Brick-Built Statue at SDCC 2018

Following the reveal of our first wave of LEGO Movie 2 sets, now comes another attraction to watch out for (and to take selfies from) at the LEGO Booth once the San Diego Comic Con kicks in next week. Revealed via Twitter, this large-scale, brick-built statue of LEGO’s Ultrakatty stands at an intimidating 4 feet tall and measures 7 and a half feet long.

ultrakatty 1

From the looks of it, LEGO seems to be giving much screen time in promoting this leveled-up version of Unikitty. Other than this brick-built statue, we also have the SDCC exclusive, LEGO Movie 2 Apocalypseburg Unikitty figure, and the recently revealed Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy (70827) set. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am pretty much impressed on how Ultrakatty turned out. From the moment I first saw it in the sequel’s official trailer, I know that LEGO will definitely bank its bricks to it. I like the concept of a leveled-up Unikitty, it’s like giving her the potential of powering up depending on her current feelings or emotional state. Its like seeing a brick-built figure of a Zoid that has a capability of powering up many times over such as Goku from the Dragon Ball series. Okay, that might be a bit far-fetched. Anyway, we’ve seen these changes in Unikitty’s emotions many times in the first LEGO Movie and I’m excited to see another dimension of her character and abilities once the LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part hit theaters in February.

ultrakatty 2

ultrakatty 3

Traditionally, LEGO has often released 2 or 3 brick statues during this fan conventions such as that from last year’s Luke Skywalker in line with the promotions for The Last Jedi, Thor for MCU’s Thor: Ragnarok, and Flash for Justice League. We can surely expect another one to be revealed in the next few days just in time for the opening of the San Diego Comic Con, so be sure to stay tuned.


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