Target Hosting LEGO Harry Potter Event with Fun Giveaways and a Brick-Built Prize

Where LEGO is concerned, the Wizarding World is back in the spotlight now, months before the cinematic premiere of the latest movie in the franchise, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Said film already has a number of LEGO sets coming, alongside with other LEGO Harry Potter sets.

In fact, LEGO’s got one nifty promotional event to coincide with the introduction of their latest LEGO Harry Potter stuff (from BrickHeadz to a cool CMF line) , and they’re doing it with retail partner Target. News of this event was picked up and shared on social media by LEGO Harry Potter fans HaileyBricks and Brickanic, and it’s happening two Saturdays from now.

This event appears to commemorate (two months in advance) the 20th Anniversary of the September 1998 US book release of the first Harry Potter book by J.K. Rowling (which Scholastic re-subtitled as The Sorcerer’s Stone). It’s due to happen at the end of next week on July 21 at 11AM-2PM.

Merchandise being given away at participating Target stores includes a LEGO Harry Potter tote bag with the Hogwarts school emblem, and a Golden Trio poster with LEGO minifigures of Harry, Ron and Hermione in action. Those who enter the contest for Target’s Free 20th Anniversary Potter event might get a chance to win a special statue of Harry’s owl Hedwig, built entirely of LEGO bricks.

These giveaways are good to go at Target on July 21 while supplies last. Speaking of the date, you’ll realize it’s also the start of San Diego Comic Con. Decisions, decisions. It’s up to you.

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