LEGO Seasonal Penguin Girl (5005251) Minifigure Spotted

Though the summer heat wave is still ravaging across the US, here’s a cool, welcome treat of things to come from LEGO. An eBay listing has revealed what looks like to be our next LEGO seasonal minifigure, following the likes of the Banana Guy Summer minifigure (5005250) released three months ago. The LEGO Seasonal Penguin Girl (5005251) minifigure set is our next seasonal minifig which takes its cue from the Penguin Boy of LEGO’s Series 16 CMF released in 2016.


The LEGO Seasonal Penguin Girl (5005251) comes with a printed cardboard cabin blanketed by snow and other winter motifs. The minifigure itself is similar to the LEGO CMF Series 16 Penguin Boy, except of course for the different face print and a torso that includes a printed scarf. The Penguin Girl (5005251) also comes with a pair of skis in contrast to the ice skates that Penguin Boy has. This is a great opportunity to have another costumed minifigure in your collection while also having an excellent companion to your Penguin Boy minifig.


We have very little information as of this writing about this next seasonal minifigure, such as its actual retail price and availability. But like other seasonal CMFs before it, our best guess is that it will also be available at LEGO brand stores and other LEGOLAND outlets across the US. Stay tuned for more info. You may also click on the notification bell below for more LEGO news updates, and other cool brick-related tidbits.

Thanks to Hoth Bricks for the tip.

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