LEGO Reveals Its First SDCC 2018 Exclusive Minifigure: Sheriff Deadpool

As we count the days before this year’s San Diego Comic Con, LEGO has now revealed its first exclusive LEGO minifigure to grace the occasion. Revealed via Twitter eventually, it looks like LEGO fans can’t have too much of the Merc with the mouth. The Sheriff Deadpool is this year’s SDCC 2018 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes exclusive minifigure, which probably takes its cue from the recent film sequel.

sheriff deadpool

For the record, last year’s SDCC saw another Deadpool-inspired minifigure which is the Deadpool Duck, as part of the marketing hype for the LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 video game at that time. As far as this latest minifig iteration of Deadpool is concerned, everything about it is pretty exclusive. The SDCC 2018 LEGO Sheriff Deadpool minifigure comes with a whole set of different prints as compared to the very rare Deadpool minifig found in 2012’s Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown (6866).  From the head piece down to the leg prints, it is definitely unique with its sheriff garb and other fine details (I love the bull horn accent on the belt buckle), plus it has a couple of accessories included such as a false moustache and a cowboy hat.

sheriff deadpool

As a fan of Deadpool, I definitely have no qualms over this choice of SDCC LEGO minifigure exclusive. If you are not attending this year’s San Diego Comic Con and you still wish to have this minifigure, then be ready to be blown away by the over inflated prices of these little guys in the aftermarket. Their prices can really be exaggerated, and I’m not a particular fan of such practice.

As announced before, this exclusive will be available to SDCC 2018 attendees via a lottery system. We are still waiting for the reveal of the LEGO exclusive DC and LEGO Movie 2 minifigures respectively, which can be anytime this week. Stay tuned!


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