Apple Park Never Looked So Good in LEGO Bricks

Apple Park

There are just so many structures in the world that so deserve to be lovingly created in LEGO; the exhibit structures one might find in the Miniland sections of every LEGOLAND theme park and Discovery Center are testaments to that. And they don’t even have to be towering skyscrapers either. Some fairly impressive LEGO MOCs are builds that sprawl over a large area, like ancient hillforts and sports stadiums. Well now, builder Spencer_R on flickr has likely outdone them all with his replication of the Apple Park campus. That of course means a painstakingly detailed construct of the famous UFO-inspired building.

Conceptualized by the late great Steve Jobs, Apple Park took about three years to build from its 2014 groundbreaking to finally being opened to employees just this 2017. It speaks of the sheer scale and complexity of the buildings in the whole area, that Spencer_R himself needed two years to complete his own LEGO rendition.

Stats-wise, the brick-built Apple Park needed about 85,000 LEGO pieces to assemble. That number includes 1,647 tree elements (whether they’re of the new sustainable plastic material or not hasn’t been clarified). The whole complete set also weighs 77.5 pounds altogether.

Apple Park

Spencer_R describe his Apple Park and similar wide-area LEGO MOCs as “ground-scrapers” to contrast with the soaring skyscrapers. He was inspired to make it after seeing the real Apple Park under construction back in 2014, particularly the spaceship campus building.

More photos of Spencer_R’s Apple Park build can be seen on his flickr page, along with his various other LEGO MOCs that he has constructed for about 15 years straight.

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