Toys R Us Canada Announces Its Bricktober 2018 Giveaway Schedule and Make and Take Events

Bricktober 2018

We know the spiel by now: Toy ‘R’ Us may be dead in the US, UK and Australia, but in several other countries life sort of goes on. In Canada for instance, under its current owners Fairfax Financial, its 82 stores north of the border continue to operate as normal. That means of course that the signature seasonal event traditions of the Toys ‘R’ Us brand remain alive and well. Seeing as September is coming to an end that would mean only one thing: Bricktober 2018 is still up and running in the country. From exclusive LEGO gifts to “Make and Takes”, it’s all good.


Now, we already know what Bricktober LEGO minifigure collections are up for grabs in the remaining Toys ‘R’ Us stores the world over, but there’s still the matter of schedule. Canada has its own dates of availability for the sets, thus:

  • October 5 – 11: LEGO Ninjago (5005257)
  • October 12 – 18: LEGO Jurassic World (5005255)
  • October 19 – 25: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (5005256)
  • October 26 – November 1: LEGO Harry Potter (5005254)

Remember, each Bricktober minifigure collection can be had free with every minimum $75 LEGO set purchase at TRU Canada, once every week for repeat regular LEGO shoppers.

As for the Make and Take events, Toys ‘R’ Us Canada has two lined up. First is the LEGO Jurassic World theme with a Triceratops build scheduled on October 13. Next is the LEGO Harry Potter event with the famous Mini Flying Ford Anglia model slated on October 27.

These events run from 11AM to 1PM, with a max number of 150 sets allotted per every TRU Canada store. US shoppers need not fret, though. LEGO has already confirmed that Barnes & Noble is carrying the LEGO Harry Potter Bricktober set. There are also rumors floating around that the rest of the Bricktober 2018 series will be offered at LEGO brand stores around November or December. We’ll keep a close eye on that and keep you posted.

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