Build Better Bricks Launches Its Mushroom Series

Mushroom Series

Ok, here’s the thing: we now know for sure that the rumored video game deal between LEGO and Nintendo is now completely debunked, and no further talks about this kind of deal is seen on the horizon. With the most recent Nintendo Direct episode showcasing the latest upcoming Nintendo Switch titles, there was no iota of evidence that will hint on a possible Nintendo-LEGO collaboration anytime soon. Okay, that’s pretty disappointing but it’s also a good thing because I can always go back to the LEGO brick that I always loved. Thanks to the outstanding efforts of the LEGO fan community we can somehow fill this LEGO-Nintendo gap with our own creations. With this in mind, we now have once again our Build Better Bricks Master Builders with their own Nintendo-inspired, Mushroom Series.

These minibuilds are excellent for that Nintendo Super Mario MOC that you’re working on, and the best part is, B3 saves you from the hassle of going to Bricklink and provides you already with new and authentic LEGO bricks and pieces to work on right out of the bag. Each of these minibuilds already has their respective instructions and parts included so you can build them right away. Check out what’s in store with B3’s Mushroom Series by clicking on their links below.

The Hungry Plant

115 pieces; $19.99

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Friendly Green Dino

27 pieces; $14.99

Yoshi01 1024x1024 e1537837802743

Red Plumber

36 pieces; $12.99

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Plumber Power Pack

70 pieces; $19.99

MarioLand01 1024x1024

In case you missed it, Build Better Bricks is also running a 20% off sale on its Arcade Series which will run only until today. This is a great deal considering the discounts – just enter the promo code ARCADEFUN upon checkout. So if you’re still working on that LEGO City Arcade MOC, be sure to check this out as well and watch out for more exciting creations coming from Build Better Bricks. Happy building!

Author: Albert Balanza

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  1. Hey. My son and I love your “friend green dino”. We saw that it was sold out so we have been trying to replicate it. We can not figure out how you did the head assembly. Specifically between the cheeks. Please help.

    1. Cool creations ‘mate! Love how the Goomba turned out using those few LEGO pieces. Keep it up!

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