First LEGO Brand Store in Louisville, Kentucky Set to Open This November


The US is LEGO’s biggest market, bar none. That’s what many would say accounting for the massive number of branded LEGO Stores in the country now – more than any other individual nation. And they just keep on increasing, as will be seen soon enough just over a month from now. Greenville, South Carolina; Metairie, Louisiana and Albany, New York have LEGO branded stores set to open sometime this November, adding to the near-hundred number already open in North America. And they’re not the only ones. Louisville, Kentucky has one too, and it’s first LEGO brand store is opening at the same time as the others.

Oxmoor Mall in Louisville will soon have the honor of being home to the first LEGO Brand Store in the State of Kentucky. It will open at the mall space formerly occupied by the local Coach store, according to Oxmoor spokesperson Lindsay Kahn.

first LEGO brand store

“We are very excited to introduce Kentucky’s first LEGO to the market,” says Kahn. “They are an iconic brand and will be a great addition to our mix of tenants.” It’s a boon to Louisville LEGO fans too; before that, the nearest LEGO brand stores to the city were in neighboring states.

With this, the month of November really is shaping up to be “New LEGO Store Month” in the US, further cementing the toy brand’s prominence in the country while picking up the slack from the loss of longtime retail partner Toys ‘R’ Us. They also make for a great prelude to the future opening of LEGOLAND New York in 2020.

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