2018 LEGO Seasonal Christmas Ornaments Revealed

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Hot on the heels of the LEGO Seasonal Christmas Carousel (40293) reveal, we now have our first official images of the this year’s series of LEGO Seasonal Christmas Ornaments as shared once again by the LEGO Certified Store Network in Russia. This collection of Christmas Tree ornaments follow the tradition of previously released buildable holiday decors consisting of microbuilds inside a clear, transparent sphere. As of this posting, there are three 2018 Christmas Ornaments that are currently known: A Christmas Ornament Penguin (853796), Christmas Ornament Presents (853815), and Christmas Ornament Train (853810). As you can see, these are now listed for sale in Russian LEGO certified stores, and we can expect these to be available in US LEGO Stores starting October 1, retailing for $7.99 like those from previous years.

LEGO Christmas Ornament Penguin (853796)

37 pieces; $7.99

853796 1


LEGO Christmas Ornament Presents (853815)

50 pieces; $7.99

853815 1


LEGO Christmas Ornament Train (853810)

50 pieces; $7.99

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These latest LEGO seasonal Christmas ornaments follow the likes of the Christmas Ornament Snowman (853670), Christmas Ornament Reindeer (853574), Christmas Ornament Holiday Bauble (851358), and Christmas Ornament Winter Hut (850949) from previous years.


Image credits: Mir-Kubikov and Brickset

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