LEGO Ideas Announces 10 Project Qualifiers for its Second 2018 LEGO Ideas Review Stage

Second 2018 LEGO Ideas Review Stage

The Second 2018 LEGO Ideas Review Stage has finally drawn to a close, and with it are 10 qualifying projects that will pass through the intense scrutiny of the LEGO Ideas Design Team to become the next official LEGO Ideas Set. The deadline for reaching the 10K fan votes ended at 12AM of September 3 (CET) with the last finalist, the custom Mexico City Architecture set, being the last qualifier to join. These are the projects that were able to gather the support of 10,000 fans from May 2018 to September 2018. So let’s look back once again and see what sets the LEGO Ideas Review Team will deliberate about. From us here in the Brick Show Team, congratulations to all the finalists!

  1. SpaceX Falcon Heavy by khehmeyer

5714766 1. SpaceX Falcon Heavy thumbnail full


  1. International Space Station by XCLD

5714771 2. International Space Station thumbnail full


  1. SpaceX – The Ultimate Collection by Matthew NolanWhatsuptoday

5714726 03. SpaceX The Ultimate Collection thumbnail full


  1. Steamboat Willie by szabomate90

5714731 4. Steamboat Willie thumbnail full


  1. M&M’s Chocolate Candy Dispenser by EDxAS

5714736 05. MMs Chocolate Candy Dispenser thumbnail full


  1. Rolls-Royce UltraFan® – The Ultimate Jet Engine by DanCodd

5714741 06. Rolls Royce UltraFan The Ultimate Jet Engine thumbnail full


  1. Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Lego Speed Champions by AbFab1974

5714746 07. Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Lego Speed Champions thumbnail full


  1. Fiat 500 Fby saabfan & zannotti

5714751 08. Fiat 500 F thumbnail full


  1. The Central Perk Coffee of Friends by Mric76

5714756 09. The Central Perk Coffee of Friends thumbnail full

10. Mexico City & LEGO = ♥ by LegoFan_506

5714761 10. Mexico City LEGO thumbnail full

While this new batch of LEGO Ideas review stage qualifiers are now awaiting their turn to be reviewed by the LEGO Ideas Design Team, the result of their First 2018 LEGO Ideas Review Stage is about to be announced anytime soon. We are proud to have Tyler’s LEGO Ideas Stitch project to be considered as one of the finalists in this group, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed to see if we will see an actual brick-built Stitch anytime soon.

5475952 5417026 Projects in Review GrVLdgl8mxf3Kg thumbnail full ELWlca7eO5V1w thumbnail full

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2 thoughts on “LEGO Ideas Announces 10 Project Qualifiers for its Second 2018 LEGO Ideas Review Stage”

  1. I just don’t see any of the Fall proposals becoming sets though it is possible that LEGO and NASA will agree on an International Space Station set. As for the Spring review, I think the motorcycle will be the next Ideas set.

    1. Same thoughts. Additionally, there are some project proposals that are similar to existing licensed themes already so it is possible that it may not be approved, projects that were inspired by Architecture and Speed Champions for example. These are based on their revised submission guidelines. However, I just wonder why the LEGO Ideas Team still approve these project submissions if they know in the first place that it will eventually not proceed further because of these very guidelines.

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