LEGO US Reps Spent a Day with Preschool Children at Nearby School

LEGO US Reps Spent a Day with Preschool Children

Things must be rather busy at the global organization of The LEGO Group, particularly in the wake of their recently released revenue report for the first half of 2018. That however, doesn’t mean they won’t have time for goodwill activities, be they a large public event or something much quieter. Much like the main LEGO HQ is located in the Danish town of Billund, so too is their main US HQ, located in the town of Enfield, Connecticut. Not long ago, 30 LEGO US reps spent a day with preschool children students at nearby Tommie Johnson Child & Family Center, a preschool under the Square One umbrella.

A fun time was had by all as the LEGO team engaged around 150 Square One preschoolers in various building activities. One example has each child being given six 2×4 Duplo bricks having them copy, one by one, a design created by a chosen student.

That and other LEGO building games serve to help these preschoolers improve skills in memory, movement and creativity. As Square One development and communications head Kristine Allard says, “Playtime is a critical component of every child’s intellectual and social development. Who better to demonstrate that than the experts from LEGO?”

This is the start of a newly-minted partnership between LEGO US and Square One Preschools. Following the outreach activity by the company’s US staff with the kids at the Family Center in Enfield, LEGO will also design a new playroom facility for them. They’ll have LEGO sets aplenty, for sure.

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