LEGO Bricktober 2018 Minifigures Rumored To Be Released in US LEGO Stores

LEGO Bricktober Marvel Minifigures

After confirming that the LEGO Harry Potter Bricktober 2018 minifigures will be made available in the US via Barnes & Noble, it seems that LEGO is now teasing on where we can expect the rest of this highly collectible minifigures. We know that these annual releases are usually available in Toys R Us before the toy retail giant closed all its stores in the US, UK, and Australia last June. Many LEGO fans were anxious then on whether the LEGO Bricktober minifigure promotions will still run in spite of TRU’s demise. But thankfully, LEGO still has something in store and the release of the official LEGO Bricktober 2018 images a few weeks ago has confirmed that we will still have our usual LEGO Bricktober minifigs soon.

LEGO Bricktober 2018

TRU Minifigure Pack 7798023 1

TRU Minifigure Pack 7798031 1

A LEGO customer service email shared via social media seems to suggest that we will not need to look far and wide to find our share of these minifigs. According to an Instagram post that is now making its rounds across the LEGO community, LEGO’s costumer service has confirmed that the LEGO Bricktober 2018 minifigures will available in US LEGO stores this November and December.  To quote,

“The Bricktober promotions will be available through the LEGO stores throughout November and December. This is the only information we have to share at this time. Please keep an eye out for more information.”

Well, I guess we should better start calling this Brickvember and Brickcember for that matter.

We should bear in mind that even if LEGO’s customer service email seems to have confirmed the availability of the LEGO Bricktober 2018 minifigures in local LEGO stores, it will still be wise to consider this as a rumor. In the past, LEGO’s customer service and their social media managers were a bit off the mark when it comes to accurately telling when and how new LEGO sets will be released.

We’re also not sure as of the moment if this will be a future store promotional of some kind. And since the LEGO Store October Calendar has already been released, and there was no mention of any Bricktober promos, then we have to probably wait for the November Store Calendar to be released next month. The LEGO Shop@Home portal is also mum about these LEGO Bricktober 2018 minifigs as of this writing. My best guess is that it may be a part of a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal in November. Whatever the case, we will soon find out.

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