Rumor Time: Are We to See LEGO Minecraft Buildable Figures in 2019?

LEGO Minecraft Buildable Figures

There are probably not a lot of franchises licensed by LEGO to make products of, that does well with a “building and construction” theme all on its own. One of those rare properties is the iconic sandbox game Minecraft by Mojang and Microsoft Studios, which does feature lots of building.

Aside from the conventional play sets, LEGO has also fiddled with buildable Minecraft figures in its BrickHeadz line, particularly the latest Steve and Creeper (41612) dual pack. But apparently LEGO is planning more. That’s what this latest rumor courtesy of Brick Fanatics says: a lineup of new LEGO Minecraft buildable figures is set to arrive in 2019.

No specific details have been revealed of course, but speculation has it that this new range of LEGO Minecraft buildable figures will boast a hybrid building system taking elements from “Constraction” sets and System pieces. The resulting figures are said to stand about six feet inches tall.

The LEGO Minecraft line started in 2012, growing out of a fiercely supported submission on LEGO Ideas: Minecraft Micro World (21102) based on an idea by Mojang themselves. The line has grown since then, thanks naturally to the perfect sync of sorts between the two brands’ building and construction themes.

As always, we would like to remind our readers that any news featured on The Brick Show that is flat-out indicated as a rumor, will stay that way until The LEGO Group makes an official announcement about it. For now, if you’re a Minecraft aficionado and haven’t picked up the LEGO BrickHeadz Steve and Creeper (41612) yet, be sure to check it out at

6 thoughts on “Rumor Time: Are We to See LEGO Minecraft Buildable Figures in 2019?”

  1. Interesting… hopefully there will be some images soon! I like constraction, so this will be interesting. I’ve been wondering what they were going to do with that, as the only current thing is Star Wars: Buildable Figures. By the way, you said they were going to be six feet; brick fanatics says 6 inches. ; )

    1. Thanks for pointing this out Eabs. I’ve updated the article to indicate the correct measurement – it’s kind of scary to imagine having a 6-foot tall Creeper standing beside you, lol! I’m glad that LEGO has not completely shelved the idea of continuing the buildable/constraction figures, and it’s a perfect fit for the LEGO Minecraft given the nature of the characters and the game. I can assume that if ever the rumors turn out to be true, the target audience will still be younger kids though, and those who have grown with the game since it started 7 years ago. Excited to see how this will turn out. 🙂 Your blogsite is great by the way, I hope you’ll have the new site up and running soon.

      1. Sure! Please do share, I’ll be glad to follow your site and I’ll add you to my rss feed. 🙂

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