An Early Look at the LEGO Overwatch Tracer Minifigure

LEGO Overwatch Tracer

It looks like we’re getting closer to a full reveal of the anticipated LEGO Overwatch sets anytime soon. The Overwatch social media channels on Facebook and Twitter have shown our first official reveal of the LEGO Overwatch Tracer minifigure and it looks great! Check out the video clip below.

Last month, the same Overwatch Facebook page also gave us a glimpse of 6 possible characters from the video game that will have their physical minifigure counterparts. This time, it is now set on stone that a confirmed LEGO Overwatch Tracer minifigure will find its way among the 6 LEGO Overwatch sets expected to come out next year.

02 LEGO Tracer

Tracer is a perfect fit to spearhead the reveal of these LEGO Overwatch sets, being a sort of mascot and a household name for Overwatch fans. It’s kind of difficult to imagine the LEGO Overwatch range without even having her as an exclusive minifigure.

LEGO Tracer

Given all the reveals that we have so far, we can expect the characters of Widowmaker, Reinhardt, Genji, Soldier 76, Mercy, McCree, and this time Tracer to be included in the LEGO Overwatch minifigure line up. Earlier today, the LEGO Overwatch minisite was updated with a splash image that hints on the arrival of Winston (as a LEGO bigfig perhaps?) in the LEGO Overwatch world. We’ll have to see in the next few weeks if LEGO will confirm this.

Stay tuned for more exciting LEGO Overwatch updates!

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