Ryan McNaught Unveils His Custom LEGO Australian Parliament House MOC for Its 30th Anniversary

LEGO Australian Parliament House MOC

There’s always a great sense of wonder whenever we get to see a large, sprawling LEGO build of an expansive building complex. The scale may be large, like Miniland displays on LEGOLAND, or small but recognizable, like a recent MOC of the Apple Park campus. Then there are the builds just the right size for minifigures, like stadiums or this one.

Ryan “BrickMan” McNaught, LEGO Certified Professional from Australia, has unveiled his monumental Custom LEGO Australian Parliament House MOC just in time to celebrate the complex’s 30th anniversary. This is in line with the founding of the country’s current parliament when it moved to Capital Hill in 1988.

Ryan spend 740 work hours to put together 152,690 LEGO bricks to create a remarkably accurate rendition of the Parliament House, built as it is into the Capital Hill, which was then styled into a landscape that looked like grassy steps.

Both houses of the Australian Parliament were ably replicated in the large build, including a minifigure audience, MPs and Senators present; the latter two being recognizable to any Australian observers.


Not only the house chambers but the Parliament offices were shown in the MOC, all done with painstaking details, right down to the toilet paper LEGO piece in the lavatories.


All these interior shots can be seen from the back of the massive display, which is not walled in so visitors can peek inside. BrickMan McNaught’s commemorative custom LEGO Australian Parliament House MOC can be seen on display at the real Australian Parliament House, Canberra as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations.

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