This LEGO Stop-Motion Animation Commemorates 2013’s Iron Bowl Kick Six

Kick Six

College Football season is starting all over again in the US as this week draws to a close. That makes it a great time perhaps for LEGO builders to be inspired in making some new football-related MOCs in celebration. Granted, there have been MOC builds of football stadiums before, but this one’s a real eye-catcher. Builder Jared Jacobs, aka @goldyeller on Twitter, has recreated a significant moment in college football from five years ago in 2013 during the Iron Bowl match between longtime rivals the Auburn Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Followers of ACFB would remember this momentous play as the Kick Six event.

As a recap, on that November 30 Auburn-Alabama clash, with 1 second left and scores tied 28 all, the Crimson Tide decided to go for a 57-yard field goal for the lead and the win. It was short and fell onto the hands of Tigers Captain/cornerback Chris Davis, who did an epic run, end zone to end zone, that resulted in a spectacular Auburn win with memorable reaction shots in the stadium caught on TV. It was since then burned into the memories of fans and was dubbed eventually as the legendary Kick Six moment.

You can see above, not only did Jared Jacobs make a detailed set of Jordan-Hare Stadium – complete with teams, officials, coaches and audience – he also rendered the whole Kick Six event in stop-motion animation, capturing every iconic scene from the televised footage.

This is the kind of commemoration that’ll be just right to welcome another season of College Football, and another feather in the cap of his various LEGO recreations of various sporting events shown on Twitter.

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