2019 LEGO Creator Official Images Released

2019 LEGO Creator

A few days ago, we reported on how the first wave of 2019 LEGO Creator sets was spotted in a Mastermind Toy Store in Canada. It was immediately noticeable that LEGO is continuing its line of 3-in-1 Creator sets, ranging from vehicles, a boat and a sea creature can transform to a shark, angler fish, and a giant squid.

I’m particularly interested with the Deep Sea Creatures, Underwater Robot, and Riverside Houseboat so I hope to grab these sets as soon as they are available. These new 2019 LEGO Creator sets are slated to be released before the year ends, so I guess I better save up for the holidays. Thanks to Candid Bricks for the tip.


Futuristic Flyer (31086)

 31086 5

Dune Buggy (31087)

31087 7


Deep Sea Creatures (31088)

31088 4



Sunset Track Racer (31089)

31089 5


Underwater Robot (31090)

 31090 4


Shuttle Transporter (31091)

31091 4


Helicopter Adventure (31092)

31092 4 


Riverside Houseboat (31093)

31093 4


Race Plane (31094)

31094 4

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