2019 LEGO Creator Official Images Released

2019 LEGO Creator

A few days ago, we reported on how the first wave of 2019 LEGO Creator sets was spotted in a Mastermind Toy Store in Canada. It was immediately noticeable that LEGO is continuing its line of 3-in-1 Creator sets, ranging from vehicles, a boat and a sea creature can transform to a shark, angler fish, and a giant squid.

I’m particularly interested with the Deep Sea Creatures, Underwater Robot, and Riverside Houseboat so I hope to grab these sets as soon as they are available. These new 2019 LEGO Creator sets are slated to be released before the year ends, so I guess I better save up for the holidays. Thanks to Candid Bricks for the tip.


Futuristic Flyer (31086)


Dune Buggy (31087)


Deep Sea Creatures (31088)



Sunset Track Racer (31089)


Underwater Robot (31090)



Shuttle Transporter (31091)


Helicopter Adventure (31092)



Riverside Houseboat (31093)


Race Plane (31094)

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