2019 LEGO City Official Images Now Up

2019 LEGO City

Following the release of a good number of 2019 LEGO Creator official set images, we now have crisp, set images for the 2019 LEGO City scheduled to arrive this December. Since spotted at the store shelves of Mastermind Toys in Canada, last week, early rumors are now confirmed that the first wave of 2019 LEGO City sets will follow the usual Police and Firefighter themes that LEGO has released before.

Though the LEGO City theme is beginning to be a bit redundant having the same old themes being released again, one couldn’t help but notice how these sets evolve throughout the years particularly with the inclusion of new pieces and building techniques. Somehow, LEGO managed to release new sets that are based on old themes, and still offer a new and exciting look given their new elements and designs. I’m looking forward to the Downtown Fire Brigade (60216) which is not featured here since there are no official images of this set as of this posting; the Snow Groomer (60222), and the Harvester Transport (60223). These sets include several interesting pieces like the rehashed light bricks and the clever use of Nexo Knights shield pieces, to name a few.

These new 2019 LEGO City sets are expected to be available in LEGO Stores and at shop.LEGO.com before the year ends.


Jet Patrol (60206)60206 4
Drone Chase (60207)

60207 2

Barbecue Burn Out (60212)

 60212 5 e1543201431435

Dock Side Fire (60213)

 60213 2


Burger Bar Fire Rescue (60214)

 60214 3

Fire Station (60215)

 60215 1

Desert Rally Race (60218)

60218 2



Construction Loader (60219)

60219 2


Garbage Truck (60220)

60220 2


Diving Yacht (60221)

60221 2 


Snow Groomer (60222)

60222 2



Harvester Transport (60223)

60223 2


Police Patrol Car (60239)

60239 2


Kayak Adventure (60240)

60240 2



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