2019 LEGO Creator Sets Spotted in Store Shelves in Canada

2019 LEGO Creator Sets

After our first look at the 2019 LEGO City sets which were spotted on display in Canadian stores, we now have our first look at the 2019 LEGO Creator sets which are also found on the same store shelves of Canadian retailer Mastermind Toys. These 2019 LEGO Creator sets still follow the 3-in-1 formats with one set dedicated to the creatures of the sea.

There is no official word from LEGO regarding the release of these sets, though it usually happens that some third-party retailers receives them first hand and gets to display them ahead of the LEGO Store or at shop.LEGO.com.

So what do you think about these latest 2019 LEGO Creator sets? I’m not really a fan of these 3-in-1 builds, but seeing how they are designed particularly the Shuttle Transporter and Deep Sea Creatures, I might be tempted to pick them up on Day 1.

Thanks once again to Brickset for sharing these images.

LEGO Creator Futuristic Flyer (31086)


LEGO Creator Dune Buggy (31087)


LEGO Creator Sunset Track Racer (31089)


LEGO Creator Shuttle Transporter (31091)


LEGO Creator Deep Sea Creatures (31088)  

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2 thoughts on “2019 LEGO Creator Sets Spotted in Store Shelves in Canada”

    1. Yeah, I noticed that as well. Still looking towards that day where LEGO can acquire the license to create a Transformers line of sets. 🙂 Hopefully with the adult LEGO fan base getting a media boost, LEGO might look forward to creating more sets that will cater to AFOLs.

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