2019 LEGO Duplo Sets Revealed

lego duplo 10902 0001

Serious, the revelation of all LEGO sets expected to be released when the year 2019 comes feels like a runaway train with no breaks. We’ve already covered huge number of set reveals coming from LEGO’s themes such as those from LEGO City, Creator, Friends and The LEGO Movie 2 just to name a few. And this time, we’ve got fresh reveals of the 2019 LEGO Duplo sets expected to be released before the year ends.

Now, we’ve already seen some of these upcoming 2019 LEGO Duplo sets due to tying in to either The LEGO Movie 2, or being revealed as part of a commemorative set for Disney’s 90th anniversary celebration for Mickey Mouse. But there are many more sets where that came from. And we’ve got the official images here thanks to, again, Promo Bricks:

My First Fun Puzzle (10885)


My First Car Creations (10886)


Police Station (10902)


Fire Station (10903)


There are additional Duplo sets slated for 2019 that are still yet to be revealed. We’ll try to get them in as well when the time comes.

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