SPOTTED: 2019 LEGO City Sets Now Available in Canada

2019 LEGO City Sets

It looks like our friends in Canada will have a head start with these new 2019 LEGO City sets. Thanks to an eagle-eyed LEGO fan, these new LEGO City sets have been reportedly found on physical store shelves of Canadian toy store Mastermind Toys.

We first mentioned about these sets back in August, and this time we now have a first look at their respective box arts. From the looks of it, these new 2019 LEGO City sets follow a predominantly Fire fighting theme complete with light accessories which is kind of a throwback on certain LEGO sets released in the 80s. You may also have notice that 2 of these sets belong to the new 4+ theme that LEGO will be formally introducing next year.

With these 2019 LEGO City sets spotted out in the wild, better expect LEGO to release their official images and info anytime soon. Check out their images below courtesy of LEGO insider CM4sci.

Thanks also to Brickset for the tip.


LEGO City Barbecue Burn Out (60212)


LEGO City Dock Side Fire (60213)


LEGO City Downtown Fire Brigade (60216)


LEGO City Desert Rally Racer (60218)


LEGO City Garbage Truck (60220)


LEGO City Diving Yacht (60221)


LEGO City Snow Groomer (60222)


LEGO City Harvester Transport (60223)


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