Initial Saga of “Ninjago” Season 10 – “March of the Oni” Teased in Foreboding Images


The greater LEGO franchise seems to be awash in teasers lately. This week we got a first peek at the LEGO Ideas Flintstones set (in shadow) ahead of a yet-unannounced official reveal. Now, we go to the TV media realm with a milestone celebration. The long-running “LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu” animated series based on the same-named LEGO line has already released its 10th season early for New Zealand viewers.

While spoilers are already available where they can be found, this has yet to arrive in North America, where promotion has gone overboard in hyping what feels like a grand end to a saga that began with the 2011 premiere.

When you look at the poster images for “LEGO Ninjago” Season 10 you’d think they were for the release of a feature-length film. That’s because the first four episodes of a promised 6-plus hours of seasonal content for 2019 form a continuous storyline, “March of the Oni.”


The subtitle alone really sells that some sort of conclusion in the adventures of the Ninjago ninjas is in store when it plays out. Individual character posters also grimly hint at what fates are in store for these persons whom we’ve followed over multiple seasons in past years.

So much has indeed changed in the cast and setting of “LEGO Ninjago” that despite accommodating new fans from the 2017 movie spinoff starting in Season 8, it can be hard to keep up with the multiple running plot threads. The idea of having a four-episode mini-arc to resolve the issue of the Oni like Lord Garmadon that hung over the most recent seasons is great.

This is arguably the last few bits of the “Ninjago” series that outgoing writers the Hageman brothers are involved in, though lead writing duties now belong to Bragi Schut, who penned Season 8’s “Sons of Garmadon” and 9’s “Hunted”.

And we can’t forget that, despite the trappings of a series finale in “March of the Oni”, there are still some more episodes of “Ninjago” Season 10 coming this year according to producer Tommy Andreasen.

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