New LEGO xtra Polybag Coming Soon: Brick Stickers (853921)

In June of last year, LEGO introduced to their consumers a new line of accessories for their existing product lineup. This was called LEGO xtra, and featured a wide variety of play enhancements for sets particularly of more “urban” lines like LEGO City.

The xtra polybags ranged from additional street signs and ornaments, to props for minifigure hands like mugs or pizza slices and fresh veggies, to play-mats with streets and roadside studs to anchor LEGO buildings on. While not entirely vital to having a great experience playing with LEGO, having “xtra” accessories just make things all the more better.

And now, just before last weekend, LEGO has added something new on their lineup of xtra polybags, as noted by German LEGO news source Promo Bricks. This pack of xtra extras (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun anymore) features one non-brick element that’s also part of the LEGO experience: decal stickers.

Now granted, many LEGO players don’t like having stickers on their bricks and pieces, preferring painted-on decals if it can’t be avoided. But if the LEGO piece in question can be designated for only one purpose in any instance of play, like a store signboard, then stickers are worth it.


The upcoming LEGO xtra Brick Stickers polybag (853921) has what its name says and more. The pack has five sheets’ worth of signage stickers for brick-building businesses, be it a pizza parlor, market, bakery or toy store to begin with. But like most of its other xtra sets, 853921 also has a selection of plastic bricks and LEGO elements, all of which have the general shape of signage that one can place decal stickers on.

Since the images of this new LEGO xtra pack have just been recently added to online servers, it probably won’t be long before Brick Stickers (853921) becomes available on Shop@Home and maybe even LEGO stores and retailers. No price has been given, though it can go from $3.99 to $7.99 following previous xtra polybag pricing.

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