Belgian Retailer Shows First Official Images of Summer 2019 LEGO Duplo Sets

lego 10907 02

Is the wave of announcements for summer-release LEGO sets in this year over yet? Not by a longshot. While a lot of the major themes and franchises for which LEGO makes tie-ins of have been made public, there’re still some lines waiting. Now it’s the turn of Duplo to promote.

With the advance notice from online LEGO retailer Mister Bricks from Belgium, we now have official images for four new LEGO Duplo sets. Like with many of the sets we’ve previewed before, these are expected to come out in summer 2019. One of them is even a Disney tie-in set.

Perhaps it would be better to just show what’s coming:

  • Mickey’s Vacation House (10889)


  • Baby Animals (10904)


  • Tropical Island (10906)


  • World Animals (10907)


The set numbering fills in some of the gaps from this earlier announcement of 2019 LEGO Duplo sets. But there’s still some more set numbers unaccounted for.

Set 10889 aside, the other Duplo sets in this batch are all of a wildlife theme just as the earlier 2019 set announcements were of a city aesthetic. There’s quite the large variety of animal figures with most of the sets here. Nature-loving children and LEGO collectors would love these.

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