Designer Video Released for LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244)

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How would LEGO hype its “Star Wars” Tantive IV set (75244)? Let us count the ways. We know its VIP release is on the day before May the 4th, its official availability date. We know it’s a prize for an ongoing LEGO Ideas contest. Some LEGO Stores are also offering a micro-scale Make and Take event, again on May 4.

And then there’s the stop-motion ditty the put up recently. But here’s one more little treat for “Star Wars” fans to digest before the set finally comes. It’s a major LEGO release, right? That means it’s getting a designer video.

Just so we know, our hosts this time are Model Designer César Carvalhosa Soares and Graphic Designer Maddy O’Neill from The LEGO Group. They are, of course, part of the team that conceptualized what became LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244). We’ll get to hear their tales on how the project came together into this neat model set we’re sure “Star Wars” fans will adore.

Though it’s cramped inside for minifigures, the Tantive IV set (75244) comes with six anyway. In a way, that can help the model act for two periods of the “Star Wars” franchise. We have the prequels where the ship is commanded by Senator Bail Organa, and the original where it’s Princess Leia’s ship. The crew and droids even carry over from both of these timelines.

All told, this set is one of the highlights for the ongoing 20th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars this 2019.

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