A First Glimpse at the LEGO Trolls Minifigures

LEGO Trolls Minifigures

Back in May, it was announced that Dreamworks have entered into a partnership with LEGO as part of its efforts to boost marketing for its upcoming film Trolls World Tour,  as a sequel for its 2016 self-titled movie Trolls. The said sequel is slated to arrive in theaters in April next year, but it seems that early as now, we are catching a glimpse of how these LEGO Trolls minifigures will turn out.

Trolls 2 World Tour Movie

Thanks once more to FalconFan1414 over on Instagram, we can now partially see how these tie-in minifigs will look like. Actually, the image below can be seen from the pages of the upcoming November 2019 issue of the LEGO Life Magazine, where you can see the silhouettes of the minifigure versions of Branch, Poppy and Queen Barb as seen in the film.

Though the image that FalconFan1414 shared wasn’t that clear, one can immediately notice that this series of minifigs is a first of its kind. When this new LEGO theme was announced earlier this year, I was actually hoping for new minifig heads that may, well, feature some trolls’ hair that made the toy series popular back in the 80s. I know now that its a longshot, and that the process of adding synthetic hair on minifigure headpieces is perhaps technically difficult and close to impossible.

Nevertheless, these LEGO Trolls minifigures share a common feature of having oversized heads for that matter, and it looks like the headpieces are made of a single head mold. Such feature accounts for the disproportionally large heads of these minifigs, given that they also come with short legs. You may not be a fan of such minifigure designs, but I have to admire the color scheme on these minifig characters including the dual printing that comes with their arms.

We don’t have an exact date on when these LEGO Trolls sets will be out, but I guess its safe to say that official word will be out sometime in January 2020 where LEGO traditionally releases a huge update on its upcoming sets for the first half of the year. Trolls World Tour is scheduled for a theatrical release in the US on April 17, 2020.

Thanks again to FalconFan1414 for the tip.

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