I Scream, You Scream, We Want LEGO NeopoliTim

LEGO NeopoliTim

Its typically hot from where I am as I’m putting together my thoughts on this one – and I have to say that looking at this mouth-watering custom LEGO minifig creation from Craig Kyle really hits the sweet spot! Well, I’m talking about his superbly done custom LEGO NeopoliTim minifigure which he designed in partnership with Citizen Brick.

LEGO NeopoliTim

I may not be fortunate enough to receive a custom LEGO Neopolitim due to geographical limitations, but knowing how hundreds of these little ice cream guys ended being sold out in just an hour and a half, speaks volumes about their luscious appeal.

LEGO NeopoliTim

The packaging itself is both charming and clever, with little Tim being placed conveniently inside a premium ice cream cup. If looking at the packaging ramps up your sweet cravings, then wait until you open the lid. As you can see, our little ice cream guy comes in already assembled while held securely inside by an “ice cream printed” cardboard. I swear at first glance that I easily confused it for the real thing.

LEGO NeopoliTim

If seeing its packaging both inside and out is not enough to put your ice cream cravings in overdrive, then perhaps seeing the entirety of this custom LEGO NeopoliTim minifigure will do trick. His upper torso, including the headpiece, comes in with a liberal amount of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream printing. And mind you, he’s generously printed on all sides. The legs were also cleverly designed which serves as a cone base for the ice cream-laden minifig. The lego print has a waffle-like pattern that compliments the overall lusciousness of our little ice cream guy.

LEGO NeopoliTim

And as a rather humorous tribute to our NeopoliTim, Craig also throws in a nanofigure of the same design that serves as Tim’s serving of the famous 3-in-1 ice cream. He also has a scoop accessory to go along with it. If you want Tim to be displayed alongside your LEGO CMF such as the recently released Series 19, then Craig also included a genuine LEGO minifig stand, custom-printed with NeopoliTim’s name on it.

lego neopolitim 7

lego neopolitim 3

The attention to detail and clever designing that went to this custom minifigure is surely to impress even the most seasoned LEGO minifigure designer. As of now, Craig’s custom LEGO NeopoliTim is already sold out, but I do hope he has plans of coming up with a new batch very soon. To keep you posted on if and when this ice cream guy will be rolling back again, you may keep tabs on Craig’s Instagram account or through his website at LemonScentedNinja.com.

Now, where did I put that ice cream scoop of ours…?

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