UPDATE: More Info On the LEGO DC Comics Superheroes CMF (71026) Series

LEGO DC Comics Superheroes CMF

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned how the rumor mill was on a roll with regards to the recent hype on the upcoming LEGO DC Comics Superheroes CMF (71026). After having a glimpse of the initial roster of DC superheroes and villains included in this next wave of CMF, we now have more info spreading over the LEGO fan community regarding the additional DC characters that will be included in this series.

Aside from the fact that we now have an official set number tagged to this CMF series, I am certain that this wave is slated to be a part of LEGO’s January 2020 releases, or perhaps even earlier. Furthermore, all signs are pointing out to the very real possibility that this CMF series will have a total of 16 DC characters included in it. As of now, here’s an updated list of the names included in this LEGO DC Comics Superheroes CMF series.

Obviously, we still have four minifigures waiting to be confirmed. The list of other possible characters is indeed a long one given DC’s expansive universe of superheroes and super-powered villains. However, if my hunch serves me right, it seems that LEGO is moving towards giving us a complete set of classic Justice League members in this CMF. Though it will be a bit out of place to see Simon Baz included in this roster only to be joined in by Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern, I’m still looking forward to seeing the classic versions of Superman, Flash and Martian Manhunter to complete the league.

Again, if you’re actively following these developments via social media, then you may have seen already these minifigures that I’ve mentioned. So it’s just a matter of time before all of the characters in this wave of LEGO DC Comics Superheroes CMF (71026) will be revealed.

While waiting for more info on this next series of LEGO Collectible Minifigures, be sure to head over at Brick Show’s Shop to get a first-hand look at this upcoming CMF collection once LEGO gives out an official press release.

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