LEGO Ideas My LEGO Totoro Product Idea Achieves 10K Support

LEGO Ideas My LEGO Totoro

After seeing the Jazz Quartet reached its 10K milestone, another product idea reaches the inner circle of the LEGO Ideas Review Stage. Coming from a LEGO fan builder that has one of his LEGO Ideas entries already approved for production, we now have another potential LEGO set in the form of the LEGO Ideas My Totoro product idea.

LEGO Ideas My LEGO Totoro

Designed by legotruman, the LEGO Ideas My LEGO Totoro is his next creation to get the thumbs-up approval of fans following his approved LEGO Ideas Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night. This next entry features Studio Ghibli’s iconic character based on the anime movie My Neighbor Totoro. The set features a brick-built version of Totoro, a smaller blue version of him, and minifigure versions of sisters Satsuki and Mei. But makes this set stand out other than Totoro is the inclusion of the famous Cat Bus.

my lego totoro 1

The front side of the bus features a well-sculpted cat face and comes with a removable rooftop that reveals spacious bus seats. The bus also comes with six pairs of legs and a sizeable beaver-like tail.

my lego totoro 2

LEGO Ideas My LEGO Totoro

Here’s how legotruman describes his LEGO Ideas My LEGO Totoro.

This is my dream Lego set!
Ever since I was a kid and watched “My Neighbor Totoro”  for the first time, I wanted Lego to make a set with Totoro and Cat Bus.
I believe a lot of Lego fans share the same dream 🙂
With this project, I want to make our dream come true!
If you like my design and want to make LEGO Totoro real,
Please support the project by pressing the blue “Support” button above,
Voting is 100% free.
Sharing the project with your friends and on social media would be a great help too!
Features :
LEGO Totoro
  • To match the original animation, Lego Totoro is scaled to about twice the height of the Satsuki minifigure.
  • The whiskers are made of lego wolverine’s claws 🙂
  • The chest pattern is formed with lego parts instead of printed pieces.
  • I also used a smooth finishing surface to make it look cuter and more like the animation.
– Part count: 116
Cat Bus
  • Each leg is posable, so your Lego Cat Bus can run and jump as you like!
  • The left side of the main body has a loose part. You can easily switch the parts to give Cat Bus an open ‘door’, just like in the anime.
  • The roof is removable so you can easily access the interior, and put minifigures inside for a ride!
  • The top red panel displaying the destination is a 1×4 brick, multiple Kanji options can be included for changing the target station.
– Part Count: 718
The set also includes
  • Satsuki and Mei Lego minifigures, with an umbrella to recreate the iconic “raining bus station” scene (See the image above XD)
  • Blue Totoro
  • The Bus station, with accurate Kanji print to match the original animation. 
– Total parts: 869
Lego Totoro is a dream,
If you also want to see Lego Totoro become a real set,
Press the ‘Support’ button above!
Sharing this page with your friends and on Social media (Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram) would be a great help too!
Let’s make Lego Totoro Official together!
Thank you
Cheers from a fellow Lego fan!
LEGO Ideas My LEGO Totoro
LEGO Ideas My LEGO Totoro joins 28 other projects to qualify for the First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage which is expected to begin late this March or early April.

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