Exclusive LEGOLAND Water Park (40473) Set Revealed


LEGOLAND Parks has just revealed its next limited-edition set following last year’s LEGOLAND Fire Academy (40393). The LEGOLAND Water Park (40473) is slated to be offered exclusively at the LEGO Store located inside the theme park. This is good news actually, since it may suggest that LEGOLAND is already gearing up for its re-opening anytime soon. And like other tourist destinations, LEGOLAND is now trying to re-open as it tries to recover from the effects of the global pandemic. If you recall back in April last year, LEGOLAND was somewhat compelled to sell its exclusive sets due to its closure back then.

40473 1

The LEGOLAND Water Park (40473) comes in at 359 pieces and is expected to retail for $29.99. It features a portion of the slides that can be found in the actual water park, a mini waterfall, a food cart, and a couple of poolside lounges with umbrella. It also comes with a selection of minifigures chilling out under the summer sun – a lady food cart vendor, a young boy with an ice cream accessory, a baby in a stroller, a mom with a baby bottle, and a guy in swimming attire.

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If you and your family is a frequent visitor of LEGOLAND, then grabbing the LEGOLAND Water Park (40473) set is a great way to memorialize the experience. Plus, it’s a nice addition to your growing LEGOLAND collection which might include previous exclusive sets such as the LEGOLAND Castle (40306), LEGOLAND Driving School (40347), and the LEGOLAND Theme Park (40346). Just be sure to follow your local health protocols in your next visit. Keep safe everyone and happy building!

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