LEGO Ending Store Calendars this 2022

As November of the previous year gave way to December, LEGO put up their December 2021 Store Calendar. To make no bones about it, that LEGO Store Calendar was as bland as can be. The date spaces were bare where exclusives and events used to be marked. The LEGO Creator Skiing Santa Claus (3058) GWP remained the only notable offer listed in that month’s calendar. We know that there would have been more GWPs like Mr. and Mrs. Claus’ Living Room (40489) that were cancelled. It was a lackluster store calendar …and as it turns out, probably the last one too.

The Brick Fan reports that, starting this year 2022, we will be getting no monthly LEGO Store Calendars. This development was gleaned from an update image, ostensibly from LEGO, frequenting LEGO-related social media. The reason the post gives ranged from changes in marketing strategy, operational shifts, and current global events. As a result of these factors, LEGO can’t seem to put in a greater variety of calendar content. After all, would you brave going into a LEGO Store when health alerts are still ongoing. This would explain why we have no January 2022 calendar from LEGO. Of course, this is just what that announcement image tells us for now.

Said post hasn’t exactly been substantiated by LEGO itself. Then again, certain recent developments do give credence to the halt of monthly store calendar updates. We at The Brick Show have enjoyed sharing what we learn from these formerly-regular and fun-filled announcements. But if December 2021 was indeed the end, then know that we’ll miss the LEGO Store calendars already. Hopefully LEGO’s potential replacement for them is just as engaging.

Addendum: LEGO has confirmed it. In the future the Stores page  will update the usual Calendar info such as GWPs and events .

(Sparse) December 2021 LEGO Store Calendar Out Now

It may come across as somewhat ironic, but during December LEGO Store Calendars are remarkably bare-bones. Sure, new sets release on the first of the month for Holiday shoppers to hunt down. But in terms of promotions and events the store calendars aren’t filled out. We have this on good authority from The Brick Fan, which also revealed the December 2021 LEGO Store Calendar. We’re also pretty sorry for running slow on that compared to previous months. Anyway, here’s the December calendar so you can see for yourself. It does only have one unique promo.


Gift with Purchase
  • Santa Claus (30580)LEGO purchases over $40, in-store only, Dec 1-14 or while supplies last


And that’s all she wrote. True, there is a LEGO Holiday Truck Tour event, but that’s really location-dependent. You can check here if you want to confirm. There are some LEGO sets launching right this December 1, like the Disney “Encanto” movie tie-ins. Enjoy getting that buildable Santa Claus set (pictured above) as a reward for doing your Holiday LEGO shopping early.

LEGO November 2021 Store Calendar Released

With barely a week’s worth of days left in this month, you know what that means LEGO-wise. The next Store Calendar’s going to drop. Here’s a big shout-out to The Brick Fan, for noting the November 2021 LEGO Store Calendar on LEGO’s servers. Several days back, we were expecting some GWPs that “disappeared” from the October calendar to reappear here. They don’t need to anymore, but as a result the November activities/specials appear minimal. Black Friday deals should be marked down, but we’ve been informed LEGO’s saving them for November 15. Anyway, have a look at the calendar down below.

0001 1

Special Activity: LEGO Rebuild the World
  • #BuildToGive – Build a Christmas Star using LEGO pieces and share on social media with LEGO via #BuildToGive; LEGO will donate a LEGO set to a child in need for every Christmas Star thus shared, with a target of 1.5 million children (total value $150 million). Participating children under 13 need parental consent.
Gift with Purchase
  • LEGO Creator Coffee Cart (40488) – with purchases $65 and up; November 8-14 or while supplies last

0002 1

November 1 Product Releases
LEGO Ideas
Others (Sampler)

LEGO Store Calendar for October 2021 is Out

It’ll be October this coming Friday and LEGO is ready to show its cards for that month. That means a new schedule of promotions, events and other cool stuff at LEGO Stores in October 2021. True to form, LEGO’s servers now carry the two-page store calendar for next month. We already know of all those new sets coming out right on October 1st, but what of the special offers and happenings in the stores? We’ve grouped them neatly down below:


Special Offers
  • Minifigure Keychain – FREE upon VIP signup this October
  • Rebuild the World Rebuildable Flying Car – FREE with VIP purchases over $120, October 18-24 ONLY
(In-Store ONLY, October 25 to November 7)
Featured New LEGO Set Releases

October 30-31Trick Or Treat! Special treat for visiting LEGO Stores in Halloween costume on these days

Simply visit LEGO Shop@Home for more in-depth details.

LEGO Store July 2021 Promotional Calendar Now Up

The LEGO Store July 2021 Promotional Calendar has now been uploaded, with plenty of exciting promotional items to be offered next month. Front and center of next month’s calendar feature the upcoming LEGO Adidas Originals Superstar (10282), slated to be released on July 1st. Let’s take a close look at these promotional items.

Free LEGO Mini Adidas Originals Superstar (40486)

Promo valid from July 1 to 14, 2021

free adidas 07 July Calendar US Page 1 40486 1 1

It’s great to hear that a smaller, more adorable version of set 10282 will be available in the form of a free LEGO Mini Adidas Originals Superstar (40486). The good thing is, it is not strictly offered as a tie-in freebie together with its larger cousin, but will be added to your cart automatically when your single-receipt purchase of any LEGO products reaches $85 and more, or while supplies last. Just be sure to avail of this promo right away starting July 1st since it is expected that this item will be quite popular among LEGO fans.


Free LEGO Charles Dickens Tribute (40410)

Promo valid from July 12 to 18, 2021

free charles 07 July Calendar US Page 1


In a rather puzzling move, LEGO opted to return one of its seasonal offerings from last year. From July 12 to 18, LEGO fans whose qualifying purchase equals $150 or more will get a free LEGO Charles Dickens Tribute (40410) set. So in case you missed out on this promo last November, now is the best time to get this set. And if you will plan your next LEGO purchases accordingly, you may even land a chance of getting this set plus the LEGO Mini Adidas Originals Superstar (40486) July 12 to 15 (while supplies last of course).


Free LEGO Friends Emma’s Magical Box  (30414) or LEGO City Skater (30568)

Promo valid from July 16 to 25, 2021

free friends city 07 July Calendar US Page 1

LEGO is offering a choose your gift promo for those who will make their next LEGO purchase from July 16 to 25. Qualifying purchase of any LEGO products worth $40 or more will qualify you to select one promotional item, a choice between the LEGO Friends Emma’s Magical Box (30414) or LEGO City Skater (30568). Any of these polybags is a great way to expand your Friends or City collection. And with a relatively low price point of $40, it’s a freebie that’s not hard to miss.


Free LEGO VIP Blue Key Chain (854090)

Promo valid from June 1 to December 31, 2021 

854090 1

First-time LEGO VIP members will be treated with their first LEGO VIP gift in the form of the exclusive LEGO VIP Blue Key Chain (854090).  This offer is valid when you sign-up to become a VIP member online at throughout the 2nd half of 2021.


It seems that LEGO has invested a lot of these promotional items for July. And this is somewhat expected since there are plenty of new LEGO sets that were currently released. We have the LEGO Ideas Typewriter (21327) to give an example and the latest wave of upcoming LEGO Monkie Kid sets slated to be released in July. What is on your LEGO wishlist for next month? Let us know in the comments below.

ICYMI: May 2021 LEGO Store Calendar Out Now

In case you missed it, the May 2021 LEGO Store Calendar has already been released online, and obviously, it’s all about LEGO Star Wars. And though we’re about t to conclude this year’s largest Star Wars marketing event, we still have a few hours left to take this May the 4th opportunity and all the LEGO freebies that it offers. Check out this month’s LEGO Store Calendar below.


Free Collectible LEGO Star Wars Tatooine Homestead (40451)

40451 1

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this year’s May the 4th commemorative LEGO freebie is still up. You can still grab the Tatooine Homestead (40451) micro-build if you will make your next LEGO Star Wars purchase right now. Your single-receipt LEGO Star Wars purchase worth $85 will entitle you to a free copy of this brick-built mini diorama.


Free Imperial Shuttle (30388) Polybag

30388 1

Those who will opt to visit their nearest LEGO brand store will also be in for a treat. Because every single purchase of any LSW product made in-store worth $40, the Imperial Shuttle (30388) polybag will be added to your cart for free.


Free LEGO DOTS Mini Frame (30556)

30556 1

And if you still have a checklist of LEGO must-haves outside of the LEGO Star Wars theme, then LEGO is adding another incentive to your next LEGO purchase. For every single-receipt purchase of any LEGO sets or products worth $35 and more, you’ll get a free LEGO DOTS Mini Frame (30556). This promotional item is available from April 26 until May 9 this weekend. It may not exactly be your cup of tea but as a free LEGO set, it is still very much welcomed.

Speaking about other themes, there are certainly a lot of diverse new LEGO sets out there that deserve a second look. And in case you haven’t checked them yet, you may want to take a look at the latest LEGO Creator Expert NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) for example, or the latest line of LEGO Harry Potter sets, and even the LEGO Vidiyo sets and Bandmates to name a few.

The April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar Encourages Builders To Go Beyond

The April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar is now out, inspiring LEGO fans to capture the wonders of the galaxy with its commemorative LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) set. As I’ve reported before, this latest LEGO and NASA collaboration is expected to arrive in LEGO brand stores and at LEGO Shop@Home this April. Check out the details below.

Other than the arrival of the LEGO NASA SSD set, LEGO is throwing in its usual set of freebies for April. We’re probably aware of them already since they’ve been around this month. But in case you still don’t have them, these seasonal freebies are still around until next week.

LEGO Easter Bunny’s Carrot House (40449)

232 pieces | Valued at $12.99 

This promotional set is available until April 5, 2021, and will be added automatically to your cart once your single-receipt LEGO purchase reaches $60 and more.

April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar


LEGO Easter Egg Chick (30579)

52 pieces | Valued at $4.99

The polybag freebie is yours for every single-receipt purchase of any LEGO products worth $40 and above. This offer is valid until April 5, 2021.

April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar


Other than these promotional items, LEGO will also be offering another freebie in the form of the LEGO DOTS Miniframe (30556). This 85-piece polybag set measures 20 x 19.5 x 1 cm and is a great desktop accessory to capture those picture-perfect moments. This offer is available from April 26 to May 9 and will be added to your shopping cart automatically once your LEGO purchase reaches $35 and above.

LEGO DOTS Miniframe (30556)

85 pieces | Available from April 26 to May 9, 2021

30556 1


In-store activities are still obviously missing from our April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar, but there are still a lot of sets to be excited for next month. Other than the LEGO Space Shuttle Discovery (10283), we also have the arrival of the LEGO Marvel Carnage (76199) helmet set and the LEGO Ideas Winnie the Pooh (21326) to look forward to.

Happy building everyone and stay safe!

The March 2021 LEGO Store Calendar Puts Vidiyo on Center Stage

The March 2021 LEGO Store Calendar has now been uploaded, placing its latest LEGO Vidiyo theme under the spotlight. Other than the full reveal of this latest AR-powered theme which is slated to launch next month, the promotional calendar also features several exciting freebies that LEGO fans can expect from their next LEGO purchase.  Let’s take a look.

Free Exclusive LEGO Amelia Earhart Tribute (40450)

March 2021 LEGO Store Calendar

This offer is valid from March 6 to 14, 2o21, or while supplies last. First discovered earlier this month, this limited-edition set celebrates the life and accomplishment of the legendary aviator Amelia Earhart when she flew over the Atlantic in 1932. This exclusive gift-with-purchase set features a red Lockheed Vega 5b on top of a brick-built display set bearing our heroine’s name. It also comes with our first-ever minifigure version of Earhart which will undoubtedly be a prized possession for minifig collectors. I’m not really sure what LEGO’s intention behind the release of this set since the timing of the release is a bit early if we want to recognize her iconic flight which happened in May of 1932. Nevertheless, it’s a great collectible set I wouldn’t mind added to my cart. The LEGO Amelia Earhart Tribute (40450) will be automatically added to your cart for free once your single-receipt LEGO purchase reaches $100 and above. This offer is available both in-store and online.


Free LEGO Seasonal Easter Bunny’s Carrot House (40449)

March 2021 LEGO Store Calendar

Just in time for this year’s Easter celebrations, the LEGO Seasonal Easter Bunny’s Carrot House (40449) is the next promotional item to be available from March 15 to April 5, 2021. This set will be yours for free for every single-receipt purchase of any LEGO products worth $60 and above. It features a carrot-themed house with plenty of interior details and a mini rabbit build. I can easily imagine the Carrot House to be a great complementary set for 2018’s Easter Bunny minifigure. Similar to other promos, the Easter Bunny’s Carrot House will be available both in-store and online.


Free LEGO Easter Chick (30579) Polybag

30579 1

For a lower promotional price point, you can get a free LEGO Easter Chick polybag from March 15 to April 5, 2021, for every single-receipt LEGO purchase worth $40 and above. It’s a rather scaled-down, polybag version of 2020’s limited-edition exclusive LEGO Easter Egg (40371).

Other than these freebies, LEGO has heavily promoted the release of the LEGO Vidiyo sets that features a pretty interesting collection of minifigures coming from its BeatBoxes and Bandmates subtheme. As of date, we can expect six LEGO Vidiyo Beatboxes, and 12 additional Bandmates to be available come March 1st.

And finally, in case you missed it, the LEGO Creator Expert Porsche 911 (10295) has already been released to LEGO VIP members, and will also be available to the general public beginning March. Be sure to check with LEGO Shop@Home for more information on other upcoming sets.

The January 2021 LEGO Store Calendar Highlights This Year’s First Freebies

Happy New Year everyone and I sincerely hope that 2021 will be a great LEGO year for all of us. And if you’re planning to get hold of the latest LEGO 2021 sets that you’ve been itching to tick off from your LEGO new year wishlists, then you might want to check out these latest freebies featured in the January 2021 LEGO Store Calendar.

LEGO has now published its next monthly promotional calendar, confirming the gift-with-purchase sets that we have reported before. So before you head off to your local LEGO brand store or over at LEGO Shop@Home, you may want to take a quick look at what the January 2021 LEGO Store Calendar has to offer.

Free LEGO Ideas Vintage Car (40448) with purchases over $85.

January 2021 LEGO Store Calendar

As I’ve reported earlier, throughout the entire month of January or while supplies last, the LEGO Ideas Vintage Car (40448) is the next gift-with-purchase that will be added to your cart for any single-receipt purchase of LEGO sets or products worth $85 or more. Expect this teal-colored freebie to be a much-desired collectible, so better get this while you still can.


Free LEGO Harry Potter The Monster Book of Monsters (30628) with purchase of LEGO Harry Potter sets.

02 01 January Calendar US Page 1

Offered alongside the LEGO Ideas Vintage Car, is another LEGO set that is long overdue for LEGO Harry Potter fans. The LEGO Harry Potter The Monster Book of Monsters (30628) is by far the best brick rendition of this Wizarding World oddity, and we now have the chance to add this to our collection for free. From January 1 to 31, 2021, or while supplies last, this next gift-with-purchase set will be added to your LEGO shopping cart with any qualifying LEGO Harry Potter set purchases set worth $75 or more. Expect this one to be a hot freebie as well so it will be helpful to plan your next LEGO purchase especially if you’re eyeing those new LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Moments sets.


Choose Your Gift: Free LEGO City Police Water Scooter (30566) OR Fire Helicopter (30567).

01 01 January Calendar US Page 1

For a lower qualifying purchase of any LEGO products worth $40 and above, you can choose between taking home a free LEGO City Police Water Scooter OR Fire Helicopter polybags. Though I would prefer to bring home these 2 sets,  any LEGO freebie is very much welcomed. This offer is valid starting January 18 to 24, 2021, or while supplies last so better watch 0ut for these as well.


Usual in-store activities are still absent from the January 2021 LEGO Store Calendar, however, there are still some good reasons to visit your local LEGO Store observing all the necessary health protocols. We have a lot of interesting new-for-January 2021 LEGO sets to watch out for such as the LEGO Creator Expert Botanical Collection, LEGO BrickHeadz Pets, and the new LEGO City Roadplates just to name a few.

So what LEGO set are you planning to get this 2021? Share your LEGO wishlist in the comments below.

November 2020 LEGO Store Calendar Features the LEGO 1989 Batwing

LEGO servers are now updated to include the November 2020 LEGO Store Calendar, giving us a glimpse of things to come in your nearest LEGO brand store. As the LEGO Group gradually resumes operations of all of its stores, we can still notice the lack of in-store building activities that the stores used to have. Despite these limitations, there are still plenty of reasons to visit (following health safety protocols in your area, of course) your fave LEGO Store and to check out the freebies that they have in store for next month. Take a look at next month’s LEGO Store promotional calendar below. You may also download a PDF copy of this LEGO promotional calendar right here.

The LEGO 1989 Batwing (76161) Takes Center Stage


Front and center in next month’s November 2020 LEGO Store Calendar is Tim Burton’s 1989 vision of the Dark Knight’s aerial assault vehicle now captured in LEGO brick form. The LEGO 1989 Batwing (76161) features an 18+ branding that caters to the adult LEGO fan community. It comes in at 2,363 pieces and retails for $200. It had an early VIP launch last October 21 and is expected to be available for all starting November 1.

Free LEGO Hidden Side El Fuego’s Stunt Cannon (30464)

October 26 to November 1, 2020 

30464 1


This polybag freebie has been around since the start of this week and is still currently available over at LEGO Shop@Home or over at your local LEGO brand store. For every LEGO purchase worth $35 and more, you’ll have the LEGO Hidden Side El Fuego’s Stunt Cannon (30464) added to your cart automatically. This set comes in 46 pieces and is valued at $4.99

Free LEGO Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Metal Keychain (5006363) for VIP Members

November 1 to 8, 2020 

November 2020 LEGO Store Calendar

LEGO VIP members are in for a treat this November. From November 1 to 8, LEGO VIP members with single-receipt purchases of LEGO Star Wars sets worth $100 or more will be entitled to receive an exclusive LEGO Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Metal Keychain (5006363) or while supplies last. As far as I recall, this LEGO Star Wars element has only appeared in five LEGO Star Wars sets, so it’s a nice move from LEGO to finally have this as a keychain accessory. The window to claim this VIP-exclusive freebie is quite narrow, so be sure to time your next LSW purchase accordingly. This freebie will be offered in all LEGO brand stores and over at LEGO Shop@Home.

VIP Sweepstakes: Limited-Edition LEGO Store Lester Minifigure

November 9 to 29, 2020

November 2020 LEGO Store Calendar


Now that the LEGO VIP minifigure sweepstakes seem to be a regular staple of the LEGO VIP Rewards Center, the next exclusive collectible minifigure to be raffled is the limited-edition LEGO Store Lester minifigure. This rare minifig first appeared back in 2016 as a raffle prize during the grand opening of the LEGO Leicester Square brand store in London. Back then, only a total of 275 pieces were given away to walk-in customers who visited the store in its opening. Fast-forward to 2020, you may use your 50 VIP points if you wish to try your luck in bagging this exclusive, starting November 9 until 29. Remember, no purchases necessary to join the LEGO VIP minifigure sweepstakes.


Other things worth noticing in the November 2020 LEGO Store Calendar is the official announcement of this year’s LEGO Black Friday Sale. The highly anticipated annual LEGO sale event will happen from November 27 to 30. Stay tuned for more updates on the hottest LEGO sets that will go on sale during this promo period.

November 2020 LEGO Store Calendar

Finally, you may also mark your calendars on November 17 for the official launch of the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, which will begin streaming over at Disney+ starting on this date. This animated Holiday Special directly follows the events in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. We find Rey embarking on a time-spanning adventure that will allow her to meet some of the iconic characters in the entire Star Wars saga. It will be an interesting mash-up of all LEGO Star Wars characters wrapped around that LEGO holiday humor.

lego star wars holiday special logo f9e6b6b0

So what do you think of the November 2020 LEGO Store Calendar? Are you excited for next month’s freebies? Let us know in the comments below.