ICYMI: LEGO Teases on a Big Annoucement In June

LEGO teases

A couple of days ago, LEGO left us with a cryptic teaser on social media that features what seems to be a classic 2×2 brick accentuated by four bright multi-colored neon studs. The caption hints at a big announcement, giving the impression that what LEGO teases might be leaning towards a new product launch the focuses on lighting enhancements of sorts. And in case you missed it, here’s what LEGO has to say.

I’m not sure if June 26, 2021, will be the actual product launch, or perhaps the official reveal. But in both cases, we can expect more and more info to come out in the next few weeks.

For now, my hunch is that it could be referring to LEGO’s official lighting system which is the LEGO Night Mode, first revealed during last year’s LEGO World in Copenhagen. I have to say that its soft launch is somewhat of a low profile at that time. Perhaps it’s LEGO’s way of testing the waters with regards to how fans will receive the announcement. I assume that the LEGO Group was fully aware of the existing third-party providers that dominated the market for custom LEGO lighting kits. And the company would like to see how LEGO fans will respond to such an official LEGO product.

tree house night mode
An example of how the LEGO Night Mode Light Kit can be integrated with larger sets, in this case, with the LEGO Ideas Tree House.

Take note that this is just a speculation of mine based on what LEGO has previously revealed. And though my best guess is that it is pointing towards the direction of a big product launch for LEGO Night Mode, it is prudent to wait and see what LEGO will officially reveal in June.

So what do you think about this upcoming reveal? What is your best guess? Let us know in the comments below.

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