New LEGO Star Wars Designer Videos Released

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In case you missed it (or have been imprisoned in carbonite steel for as long as you can remember), LEGO has recently released two LEGO Star Wars 18+ sets that each deserves a prime spot on any LSW fan’s collection. Both released just several weeks ago, the Imperial Probe Droid (75306), and a remake of a classic LEGO set, the iconic R2-D2 (75308), are now both available over at LEGO Shop@Home in case you’re interested to add this to our LEGO must-haves. And before you add these sets to your LSW collection, then you may want to watch these latest designer videos that LEGO has shared over YouTube.

For more information about these sets, you may want to click on the following LEGO affiliate links that will bring you to LEGO’s online shopping portal.

For now, let’s watch this.

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid (75306)

683 pieces | $59.99 


LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 (75308)*

2,314 pieces | $199.99

*Update: It seems that R2-D2 is currently out of stock over at LEGO’s online shopping portal. You may want to check instead with your nearest LEGO brand store for its availability.

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