Here’s a First Look at the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (41690)

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar

If you recall several weeks ago, LEGO servers somewhat accidentally uploaded an early digital copy of the Japanese LEGO Catalog for the 2nd half of 2021. By doing so, it gave us an early look at some of the sets (from LEGO Star Wars, City Stuntz, and Technic themes for example) that are slated to arrive this summer. Needless to say, the catalog was removed right away perhaps as part of TLG’s damage control with regards to accidental reveals. But now that most of the sets in that product listing are now up at LEGO Shop@Home, then the said digital catalog in question is once again uploaded. And this time around, giving us our first look at this year’s LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (41690).

41690 lego friends advent calendar

Right off the bat, we can notice that this set features a good number of micro-dolls, similar to what LEGO offered in last year’s LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (41420) with the inclusion of two elves. For this year’s holiday offering, LEGO opted to render our Friends characters in similar micro-doll form.

41690 01 lego friends advent calendar

41690 02 lego friends advent calendar

And of course, aside from these new micro-dolls, this year’s LEGO Friends Advent Calendar will feature the usual staple of miniature, buildable holiday ornaments such as a fireplace, a doghouse, tree stockings, mailbox, lampost, and much more. It is scheduled to be available to the public starting September 9 just in time for the holidays andĀ alongside the now listed LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar (76390).

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