LEGO Star Wars Rumor: New Star Destroyer Set (40484) as GWP for Still-Unconfirmed UCS AT-AT, All Coming November


It’s another day, and we have another rumor percolating for LEGO Star Wars stuff. While those of the Star Wars Helmets are not until next year, this one’s (probably) coming a lot sooner. And rather than a buy-alone set (though still a possibly), this one’s a gift-with-purchase. The tidbit comes to us from Brick Fanatics by way of LEGO_club_news on Instagram. It’s possible that this could be the GWP to yet another unconfirmed set, supposedly another UCS. And as it’s supposed to come out sometime in November the reveal (if any) will be even closer.

As you can see from this Instagram post by LEGO_club_news, we’re looking at another LEGO Star Wars Star Destroyer. Numbered 40484, this set is said to have 396 pieces. According to Brick Fanatics that’s about the same size as the Midi-scale Star Destroyer (8099) retired in 2010. Given LEGO’s penchant for revamping old nearly-forgotten sets with new numbering, this 40484 version sounds plausible. What’s yet to be substantiated is the LEGO Star Wars UCS set this one’s supposed to be GWP for. A UCS Imperial AT-AT (75313?) just over a year after the already-large 75288 version’s kind of too soon.

When it comes to rumors as we’ve said before, it’s not really real until LEGO says so. This rumor pegged the LEGO Star Wars Star Destroyer (40484) as coming in November, so we have until October. The same likely goes for the UCS AT-AT which has an alleged November 26 release. That’s more calendar dates to mark for LEGO Star Wars collectors. Let’s see if we get more pleasant surprises than disappointments with these speculations.

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