Rumor of New LEGO Minecraft Sets Arriving in 2022, for Theme’s Possible 10th Anniversary

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LEGO Minecraft is an established “licensed IP” LEGO theme today, with several sets to its name. But it technically began in 2012 as a LEGO Ideas submission. That product idea (Minecraft Micro World [21102]) is now recognized as having started the LEGO Minecraft line. As the theme approaches its first decade, it feels only appropriate to have lots of set releases. Some acknowledgement of the milestone anniversary would sound nice too. Well, German LEGO price comparison website has listed what appear to be six upcoming LEGO Minecraft sets. None of them feel “anniversary” in name, but they’re currently rumors.

As discovered by Brick Fanatics, here are the alleged LEGO Minecraft sets appearing in 2022. The price range progression for all of them feels reasonable too. The names also hint at getting some of the more uncommon mobs from the “Minecraft” games. Without further ado, here are those rumored sets.

The above prices in dollars are direct conversions.

Despite being listed in an in-depth LEGO price comparison site, the usual disclaimers must apply. These are only rumors until LEGO gives us official word. With that, we leave with this speculation also shared with Brick Fanatics. The reasons these 2022 LEGO Minecraft sets feel lackluster for arriving on the theme’s 10th anniversary, is that they’re not. Perhaps LEGO doesn’t count the 2012 LEGO Ideas set as the starting point. The first “official” LEGO Minecraft sets in that branding arrived just the following year, 2013. It does make one wonder. I guess we’ll find out sooner or later, as usual.

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