The LEGO House Closes Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

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It’s not really easy writing this one, especially when your mind is occupied with so many things going on around the world, specifically in connection with COVID-19. Because as it turns out, all of us are vulnerable from this menacing, silent disease and The LEGO Group (TLG) understands that very well. In its recent announcement via its LEGO House website, TLG advises those who have plans to visit the LEGO House anytime soon to defer their plans for the time being now that Denmark is virtually on lockdown because of this pandemic. Here’s the official press release:

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LEGO House is closed due to COVID-19

Based on the Danish authorities’ announcement of the closure of Denmark, LEGO House is unfortunately closed up till and including Sunday 29 March 2020. We are concerned about the situation and very sad to have to disappoint all of you who were looking forward to enjoying the world’s best play date.

If you have purchased a ticket for LEGO House from now until Sunday, March 29, 2020, we will refund your ticket automatically. If your ticket is valid after March 29, 2020, we would like to move to another date, but the ticket is non-refundable for the time being.

Our team is working hard on the reimbursement process and within 2-3 business days, you’ll receive the refunds in your account.

Since we are in contact with many guests, we ask you to have patience if you experience delay in our replies.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will update as soon as new information is available.

Updated Thursday, March 12 at 2.30 pm

This is a welcomed move from The LEGO Group in support of the Danish government to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As of press time, Denmark is essentially on lockdown, with a total number of 514 confirmed cases of COVID-19 patients and 1,303 in quarantine. Let’s all hope and pray that this will all be over soon. Keep safe everyone!

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