“LEGO Marvel Super Heroes” Nintendo Switch Port Has Launched

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In 2013, Traveller’s Tales and WB Interactive released the latest title in their LEGO-themed videogames. “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes” was the first Marvel-licensed LEGO videogame made in the wake of the MCU’s cinematic rise. True to form with its sister titles, “LEGO MSH” went with a wide multiplatform release on PC and consoles. It would even get a direct sequel in 2017 (and an MCU Avengers spinoff a year earlier). Back in August LEGO, WB Games and TT hyped old fans with the announcement of a Nintendo Switch port. The wait is over and that promised release has finally come.

The Brick Fan reports that “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes” is now available for the Nintendo Switch as of October 5. From the official WB Games press release, the title brings back the 2013 game and its two DLC updates. Players can once again control up to over 100 Marvel characters in their LEGO-fied comic-book iterations. From the Avengers to the X-Men, Fantastic Four to solo heroes, these Marvels come together in an original adventure. Cosmic-level threats converge on the LEGO Marvel world, from Doctor Doom and Loki to Galactus. The various heroes must unite to protect Earth from impending brick-destruction.

“LEGO MSH” on the Switch already comes with DLCs “Super Pack” and “Asgard Pack.” The latter would bring relevant characters closer to their MCU designs. This aesthetic shift would carry over to “LEGO Avengers” (2016) and “LEGO MSH 2” (2017). The latter would also get a first release on the then-new Nintendo Switch hybrid system. If you missed the original and have a Switch, pick up “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes” now. It’ll tide you over until “LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” arrives in 2022.

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