New LEGO “Rebuild the World” Promo Video Encourages Imagination with (Parodied) Queen Song

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Ever since their first promotional video in late September, LEGO’s “Rebuild the World” 2021 campaign has been expectedly charming. Interpreting the free-form play of LEGO bricks and minfigures as SFX-laden random adventures really grabs the audience’s attention. In addition, the “Rebuild the World” promos sneak some sage advice appropriate for kids and children-at-heart. So how do you top a promo depicting people helping a knight cross a river (with lessons in creative problem-solving)? Why not illustrate how children’s imagination can say “anything goes” when playing with LEGO? And how about spicing it up with a cute lyrically-rewritten song from Queen?

According to Brick Fanatics, that’s the gist of “Anything can happen when you put LEGO bricks in kids’ hands.” This new Rebuild the World video again takes viewers on a patchwork fantasy adventure that’s really just kids playing LEGO. It starts normally enough with a girl building a LEGO City rescue helicopter and imagining herself as a rescuer.

Then we see a boy acting out “Star Wars” Imperial Stormtroopers fighting bees. How about a dragon working in the fire department (with his fire-breath replaced with water)? A racecar trying to “reach the stars” finds itself replacing a gondola on the Ferris wheel. With LEGO, you can hear imagination singing Queen’s hit “Don’t Stop Me Now” (with altered kid-friendly lyrics, naturally).

Some key LEGO sets seem to take center stage in this promo-vid. Brick Fanatics points out obvious shout-outs like LEGO City Wildlife Rescue Operation (60302). Even LEGO Vidiyo, the mixed-received AR/minifigure theme, gets a spot here. We don’t know if this promo will reignite interest in Vidiyo products, but that’s neither here nor there. All told, this is a great Rebuild the World video and we can’t wait for more.

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  1. Rebuild the world or “Build back better” aka “Great Reset”? This is borderline dipping promoting political ideology and LEGO has no business going down that path.

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