Long-Rumored LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT Gets Possible Reveal Date


Some LEGO rumors get confirmed or debunked in a matter of days or weeks. Other times it takes up to a month or more before the truth comes out. The former case just happened with the LEGO Disney “Encanto” sets, first hinted late October and revealed over a week later. In the latter case we look to this rumor since September of a new LEGO Star Wars AT-AT UCS-grade set. This one feels more nebulous considering LEGO did release a new AT-AT set just this past 2020. But the rumor claims the UCS AT-AT might be revealed sometime this November.

And chalk up another one to Brick Fanatics for catching this new rumor on the aforementioned alleged set. They point to lego_club_news on Instagram for putting a specific date this month for a possible UCS AT-AT reveal. There is a possibility that LEGO might finally say something about that Tuesday next week, November 9. If true, then this LEGO Star Wars UCS set will out-price the LEGO Titanic at $800 ($799.99?). Other tidbits relating to this rumor include the possible set number (75313?) and piece number (6,782?). A UCS Imperial AT-AT will definitely tower over standard minifigure-size Stormtroopers, for sure.

Our standard spiel regarding rumors on The Brick Show goes here. Take the above with a grain of salt until LEGO themselves give the official word. It’s not as if we’ll have long to wait for any possible confirmation, anyway.

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