LEGO Retro Tin (5007016) GWP Still Active Until Nov 25

lego tin plate vip banner

Last Saturday and Sunday the LEGO VIP Weekend gave way some sweet promotional items (GWP or VIP point redemption). One item, Santa’s Front Yard (40484), will return for Black Friday through Cyber Monday. The rest did not…or at least so we thought. One item from that VIP Weekend wasn’t even a LEGO-brick set at all. It was a nifty tin plate, artificially aged, and sporting an old LEGO logo. The LEGO Retro Tin (5007016) required an above-average minimum purchase threshold to be acquired as GWP. Apparently enough people liked it, or there are still leftovers, that LEGO extended its promo.

As Brick Fanatics tells us, redemption of the LEGO Retro Tin (5007016) went beyond the VIP Weekend window. As of this writing VIP collectors can still claim it for a minimum LEGO purchase of over $250. The extended promo will last until this Thursday, November 25. Yes, it’ll end before Black Friday. But the operative word might be “probably,” especially if not enough people are getting the item to clear supplies. Still, there are enough big-priced LEGO sets to get right now to reach $250. Let’s find out if LEGO decides to extend this GWP redemption anew later this week.

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