LEGO Star Wars Razor Crest Microfighter (75321) for 2022

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Name one iconic element of the space opera franchise “Star Wars” and “spaceships” would be among the replies. The word “starship” may be associated more with “Star Trek,” but “Star Wars” has its space Cruisers and Star Destroyers. These various space-going vessels have been ably adapted by LEGO into numerous sets for years past. In addition to “accurate” builds like the UCS, LEGO Star Wars also caters to younger builders. LEGO Microfighters, for example, turns “Star Wars” ships into cute speeder-sized craft for minifigures to ride on. And the newest set of this line, based on “The Mandalorian,” is revealed.

If you watch that “Star Wars” series on Disney+ then you’ve seen the ship the titular Mandalorian rides in. Din Djarin’s Razor Crest served him as a mobile base while he pursued bounties across the Outer Rim. While it was ultimately destroyed, the Razor Crest already established its own fandom. Older LEGO builders already have their big set (75292). Now, the ship gets a Microfighter version, as officially listed on according to Brick Fanatics.

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The Razor Crest Microfighter (75321)

98 pieces | 1 minifigure | $9.99 | coming January 1, 2022

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Introduce young kids to LEGO® Star Wars™ building toys with The Razor Crest Microfighter (75321). This microscale, LEGO brick version of the iconic Star Wars: The Mandalorian gunship features 2 new-for-January-2022 stud shooters and is quick to build so the action starts fast. The set also includes The Mandalorian LEGO minifigure in a Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 outfit with a buildable jetpack and a blaster pistol to inspire creative play.

That’s yet another LEGO set to usher in the New Year, one affordable for young collectors too. Who can say now to new stud-shooter designs too?

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